Time Timing Phase and monitoring system

Resilient sync, timing & phase from the experts for telecoms, energy/power, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT, & defence

Resilient Positioning Navigation & Timing

GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou) & eLoran products including GPS repeaters, jamming detection, simulators, receivers, antennas & infrastructure from Chronos via GPS-World.biz

Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

Synchronisation has in the past been neglected when Service Level Agreements between operators have been defined.  However, an increasing number of SLA’s are being written that include key synchronisation features in both traditional and NGN networks.

In order to implement any meaningful SLA it is important to be able to continuously monitor the key performance parameters and be able to compare them with ease to the agreed, defined pass/fail criteria.  SyncWatch Standalone and SyncWatch Managed can both be used to provide a benchmark of performance prior to setting performance thresholds. SyncWatch Managed is ideal for providing a platform for the long term monitoring and reporting of performance.


We have deployed a large network of SyncWatch probes managed by a SyncWatch Server specifically to identify sync. and transport issues at the edge of one of our Managed networks. The financial penalties for failing to meet our SLAs can be significant and SyncWatch is one tool that helps us avoid such penalties."

Carrier Manager responsible for network performance.