Time Timing Phase and monitoring system

Resilient sync, timing & phase from the experts for telecoms, energy/power, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT, & defence

Resilient Positioning Navigation & Timing

GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou) & eLoran products including GPS repeaters, jamming detection, simulators, receivers, antennas & infrastructure from Chronos via GPS-World.biz

Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

In the new world of packet RAN’s, proving that the packet synchronisation has been correctly engineered when commissioning or setting up the base station becomes more difficult. Additionally how can faults be quickly and efficiently isolated when the traditional NTU (Network Terminating Unit) is no longer in place?

Where a Next Generation base station has an inbuilt 1588-2008 or NTP based “client” the Chronos tools can both verify sync. performance in the ‘packet domain’ and the ‘frequency or bits domain’.

"1588 technology may now be proven as a technology but making it easy to deploy and support, has still to be fully addressed. Chronos' SyncWatch technology is an ideal base station installation and support tool. It (SyncWatch) is very flexible and the ROI is expected to be very short."

Representative of a global base station manufacturer