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Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

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A leading global provider of international premium voice and VoIP solutions to carriers and service providers purchased a Microsemi TimeProvider 1000 from Chronos to provide synchronisation for their SDH/SONET transport network.

The TimeProvider was installed in facilities in Europe and included a two year Spares Support Plan (SSP).  However, when the SSP lapsed, budget was not available to renew the contract. 

The TimeProvider was designed with redundant clocks, but a year or so after the SSP expired, the Rubidium clock module failed leaving the shelf running on the standby Quartz clock.

Loss of GPS would have provided just a few days of Stratum 1 performance, however, if the Quartz module had failed, it would have led to loss of  the unit entirely which would have resulted in a progressively degrading network performance until a fix could be effected.

The original support contract meant there was no need to stock spares; in fact it would have been very costly to maintain the spares to any degree as indeed the Rubidium module  alone was equivalent to around six years of SSP for the whole shelf.

Chronos agreed to resurrect the SSP, with a "Mobilisation Charge" to cover the Rubidium module repair.  A replacement Rubidium module was subsequently fitted to the TimeProvider and the failed unit returned to Chronos under normal support operation.

Chronos maintains the 24/7 support service 365 days a year and undertakes significant faults, repairs and site visits all of which are completed before failures are able to cause major issues to networks.

Keep your networks operational and generating revenue with Chronos 24/7 support services. To discuss 24/7 support options or an upgrade, contact your Account Manager or