Time Timing Phase and monitoring system

Resilient sync, timing & phase from the experts for telecoms, energy/power, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT, & defence

Resilient Positioning Navigation & Timing

GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou) & eLoran products including GPS repeaters, jamming detection, simulators, receivers, antennas & infrastructure from Chronos via GPS-World.biz

Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

Chronos offers Network Time Protocol (NTP) time servers from Microsemi that provide accurate, reliable, and secure time synchronisation to Enterprise IT and telecommunications networks.

NTP Network Appliances

Next generation GPS NTP/PTP network time synchronisation products with atomic clock accuracy ensure that time is synchronized and accurate throughout your IT enterprise network, protecting network log file accuracy, security, billing systems, electronic transactions, database integrity, VoIP, and many other essential applications. 

Carrier Grade NTP & PTP Solutions

Carrier Class modular NTP telecom solutions bring high precision, high availability, security, robust management and easy infrastructure integration to telecom operators who want to bring to managed IP the same high levels of quality assurance consumers expect in the circuit switched environment.