Time Timing Phase and monitoring system

Resilient sync, timing & phase from the experts for telecoms, energy/power, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT, & defence

Resilient Positioning Navigation & Timing

GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou) & eLoran products including GPS repeaters, jamming detection, simulators, receivers, antennas & infrastructure from Chronos via GPS-World.biz

Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

Customer demands for more bandwidth at affordable costs are increasing. To keep up, wireline and wireless telecommunication networks are racing to deploy high-speed Next Generation digital services. Microsemi’s full suite of NGN synchronization, timing and monitoring products maximize a telecom network’s performance and ability to offer more Next Generation digital services while bringing a new level of flexibility and dynamic configuration to the network. The quality timing and synchronisation that telecommunication operators put into their network impacts the Quality of Service (QoS) of their voice, video and data services. Better timing and better sync means better QoS for these services that their customers demand.

GNSS Receivers

GPS is not the only satellite navigation system available to users; an increasing use of GLONASS & BeiDou systems for increased satellite visibility and robustness is being seen. Chronos is a leading supplier of multi-GNSS receiver systems for research and development by telecommunications companies who are looking to improve their capability for the medium to long term.

Bespoke GPS Timing Services

Chronos is able to provide bespoke GPS based timing systems, specified to particular customer requirements. Our design in service allows customers to detail their problem and Chronos will work with them to provide a solution. Accurate time-base; laboratory GNSS distribution; frequency distribution and measurement; customer application boards and OEM integration packs are all services offered to customers utilising the in-house skills or those of our partners.

Precise Time

The IEEE 1588-2008 protocol standard (also known as Precision Time Protocol (PTP v2), means that devices on an Ethernet network can now be synchronised with IEEE 1588 (PTP v2) allowing network operators to achieve precise frequency at the edge of the network to maintain and assure service levels supported by traditional TDM networks. Chronos offers the following products and solutions, servers, switches and tools for measurement and analysis with integration into network monitoring systems.

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