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Chronos' timing & monitoring solutions enable traceable time for financial institutions to comply with MiFID II.

Local & Remote Monitoring & Control

The PowerHawk² is a cost effective monitoring solution, designed to provide single rack level power and environmental monitoring, using a single IP address.  Its development is largely based on the Hawk-i family of products, but has been designed with simplicity in mind, without the complexity of mass input and output channels that may be excessive for single cabinet installations. The underlying technology and functionality however, has remained the same.

Product Information

Product Information

Ideal for single cabinet installatins, the PowerHawk2 supports up to two rack mounted power strips monitoring, volts, amps, kWh, kA, power factor and frequency with the option of supporting a maximum of 24 switched outlets per power strip. Alternatively, two CL-Amp units can be monitored.  The captured data from each connected power strip is stored in SNMP MIB objects, to be available to the Network Management System using the SNMP protocol.

In addition, two environmental input sensors are supported, which can be any combination of temperature, humidity or other digital sensors such as door open/close, water sensing or shock sensing.

The PowerHawk2 allows up to 5 SNMP Network Management Satation (NMS) addresses to access the unit.  Alarm conditions will generate trap message, which can be directed to a maximum of 10 specified management stations.  SNMP alarm trap thresholds may be ste on any of the input measured parameters, ie, volts, amps, kWh, kVA, temperature, humidity and switch states.

The PowerHawk2 answers the remote monitoring demands of data centre and IT managers with a focus on SNMP network integration and lcoalised monitoring support.  Combine this with the Enterprise Device Manager for maximum SNMP monitoring and control via HTTPS web interface and up to 5 user logins.  The unit also includes a D9 port to link to an optional LCD display module, which allows the sensors and power strip information ot be displayed at local rack level.