Enhanced SyncE, IEEE 1588 support and one way packet delay over optical and electrical Gigabit Ethernet links

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, UK  15 March 2013 - Chronos Technology has released version 4.2 of the SyncWatch™ sync measurement and monitoring platform featuring new 1 Pulse Per Second and Time of Day (1PPS+ToD), optical and electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and a PTP Grandmaster capability. Operators rely on transport vendor agnostic tools to help them prepare their networks for change and SyncWatch™ does exactly this for operators as they prepare for LTE-A and new 4G service launches.

Chris Roberts, Business Development Manager said “The addition of these new features ensures SyncWatch™ remains the most versatile sync testing and measurement solution on the market today; enabling mobile operators in particular to prepare their networks to support applications that require time and/or phase.  SyncWatch™ can simultaneously measure and characterise synchronisation transport protocols and the timing signals used by network equipment including routers, cell site aggregators, NID’s and eNodeB’s.” He added “As operators move towards Small Cells / HetNets the need to characterise operational network performance increases significantly and SyncWatch™ continues to lead the way by making characterisation simple to achieve”.

SyncWatch™ is available in two variants, Standalone and Managed.  SyncWatch™ Standalone allows users to prove the performance of all the current synchronisation protocols and timing interfaces found in legacy and evolving networks and is used by those wishing to test conformity of Ethernet / IP transport products and sync equipment in labs, commission systems in the field and carry out maintenance and support activities.  SyncE, ESMC, 1588_v2, 1PPS+ToD, 1PPS, Frequencies (64K-200MHz), T1 & E1 protocols and interfaces are supported.

SyncWatch™ Managed is used by those wishing to characterise network performance, and define, police or defend Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  The system allows users to prove the frequency and phase sync performance of all the current synchronisation and timing interfaces found in legacy and evolving networks.  Up to 500 SyncWatch™ probes are supported by a single instance of the management software, NetSMART.  SyncWatch™ Managed supports SyncE, 1PPS, frequencies (64K-200MHz) and T1/E1 protocols and interfaces.

SyncWatch™ has been designed to provide the most flexible sync testing and monitoring toolkit solution on the market. Local and remote operation of the SyncWatch™ sync probe is supported to ensure the operating practices of the user’s business are respected.

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