Chronos has installed two TimeSource 3600 Primary Reference Sources from Microsemi at a global Telecom Operator’s site in Kuwait.

The GPS antennas had to be installed on Liberation Telecoms Tower, which at 372m is one of the highest telecommunications towers in the world.

In the first instance, a site survey was carried out which revealed that the GPS antennas were only allowed to be mounted at a height of 200m on Liberation Tower. The TS3600 equipment would be on the fourth floor of an adjacent building.

The TS3600 is designed to work up to a maximum of 330m cable length using RG59 coaxial cable. By calculating the losses of a higher grade cable, Chronos was able to install two 470m runs of continuous cable thereby ensuring that the TS3600s operate within their design limits.

Two Chronos engineers installed and commissioned the equipment over a 6 day period working in temperatures of over 40◦C.

A handover document was issued to enable the continued smooth operation of the equipment by the Telecom Operator’s own engineers.

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