cable and wireless

"Project Genoa involved the supply of Microsemi synchronisation units and performing site surveys and subsequent installation & commissioning of seven sites in North America covering New York, New Jersey, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

During Project Genoa, John Lyons and his team performed exceptionally well and were always ready to meet the challenge of C&W’s design changes. Pre-project planning in advance of the site surveys and the resultant installation method statements showed the professionalism and attention to detail that I have come to expect from Chronos.

As indicated above the installations where not without problems and therefore design changes. John had to liaise with local contractors to ensure that equipment was delivered on time at the correct delivery addresses as kit was going to old closed C&W America sites. He then had to negotiate with local contractors as to when and where the GPS cable could be installed. On some of these sites the GPS cable run was in excess of 180 metres in length over 30 stories. These GPS cable runs had diversified feeds for security and resiliency, which added to the complications of the installations. Chronos demonstrated their flexibility and experience in overcoming the issues presented to them in a timely manner.

Time differences between the UK and West Coast America meant it was important that John was contactable at any time of the day or night to answer questions and resolve and problems.  We had no problem contacting him.

The quality of the installation was well up to standard as was the documentation pack that was delivered at the end of the project detailing all the equipment delivered, installation method statements and commissioning data and photographs. This enables Cable & Wireless UK to hand off the sync network to C&W Americas Operations and to support the system moving forward.

Cable & Wireless, Project "Moonlight"

Moonlight, in Tokyo and Yokohama, John has implemented similar work to Genoa and this equipment has been in operation for over one year now without incident. The documentation pack in keeping with the times arrived in soft copy format. This makes it easier to store, distribution and reference when required.

John Lyons demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail and always makes time to deal with Project day-to-day issues in a timely manner.  These are the values for which I am looking. John is a great advert for your organisation."

Ricky Collins, Project Manager, Cable & Wireless (UK)