TDC, the largest Telecoms Company in Denmark, is constantly striving to provide a better quality service for its customers. Recognising that good quality synchronisation significantly contributes to maintaining service assurance, TDC is continuously looking for ways to improve the infrastructure that delivers its services.


TDC took delivery of a significant number of SyncWatch probes together with the Monitoring and Management System from Chronos Technology. The probes were deployed at locations where the need for permanent sync monitoring had already been identified by TDC. The Probes reported real time sync performance data to TDC’s operations team and the new quality of service information was used to ensure they continued to see network synchronisation problems promptly and be able to react quickly to assure delivery of continuous service quality.

TDC subsequently deployed upgraded SyncWatch probes fitted with GPS receivers. These probes were deployed in a more tactical fashion and in response to suspected problem areas in the network rather than permanent monitoring. TDC is pleased to find that with every deployment of a GPS enabled probe, they are able to identify specific areas in which the network performance and reliability can be improved before their customers are aware of any problems.

SyncWatch is a sync performance monitoring system that consists of two components, firstly a probe that is a small, easy to deploy piece of hardware and secondly the monitoring and control software. Probes are configurable to allow different types of monitoring which is determined by the network being monitored. The monitoring and management software alerts operators to probes reporting performance problems. Operators can see the performance of each probe by using their standard web browser, eg Internet Explorer.


Claus Bundgaard, Technical Manager with TDC Teledanmark Networks said "TDC worked with Chronos for 18 months on a SyncWatch rollout programme. SyncWatch provides TDC with real time valuable network performance data at a significant number of exchange sites. This new QoS information is used to ensure we continue to provide a stable and reliable network infrastructure on which our services are delivered. TDC has been very happy with the commitment and communication from Chronos."

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