A large international energy company operating an extensive internal communications network transporting voice communications and SCADA telemetry data, was monitoring it with several different systems.

The energy company recognised that this was a serious business issue. Their internal network plays an important role in guaranteeing reliable electricity service for its customers.

Various types of legacy remote monitoring equipment (Badger, Larse, NEC) were installed in 150 sites and the systems were incompatible with each other.

Chronos’ partner DPS Telecom delivered a custom-engineered solution designed specifically for the energy company’s needs, allowing it to make the best use of its existing equipment while smoothly transitioning to new remotes. DPS supplied an IAM-5 network alarm monitoring system running T/MonXM software. T/Mon replaced all of the older masters with a single unit and which is equipped with additional software modules for polling the legacy [NEC, Larse and Badger] remotes. A DPS hardware unit, the FSK Converter, mediates traffic between the IAM-5 and the frequency shift keyed (FSK) communication channel used by the Larse and Badger remotes.

To make the transition to the new system trouble-free, DPS transferred the alarm databases from the older masters to the T/Mon using database conversion software. This saved an estimated six to eight weeks of implementation time.

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