An international telecommunications company needed to monitor the temperature of several remote television transmitter sites situated around Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. Due to the sub-tropical location of the island, these unmanned sites became very hot during the summer.

Temperature was an issue as too hot a temperature was causing operational problems
with the Telco's television transmitters. In the past thermostatically controlled ventilation fans were used when temperatures rose but there was no telemetry system to report the actual temperature.

Chronos’ solution was to install Hawk-i rack monitoring units from Sinetica to provide a telemetry system to report the temperature so that remedial action could be taken in the event of excessive temperatures. Hawk-i units are also being used to control the ventilation fans in place of the stand-alone thermostatic controllers so the Telco can see when the ventilation fans are running.

Sinetica’s Hawk-i units are being used for two main applications, the television transmitter network and miscellaneous remote telemetry from a major facility on the Telco’s telephone network. The Hawk-i units are also used to relay other telemetry information such as door alarms, power fail alarms etc.

A mix of telemetry data is relayed from the Telco’s telephone network facility including pressurisation, cable chamber water ingress, generator and power alarms.

A PC based SNMP management system is being used for Hawk-i telemetry.

The remote buildings are connected by low speed serial connections over copper telephone cables. This is cost effective and proves more than adequate for low speed telemetry.

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