SSU 2000

During 2006 Sonofon, the Danish Mobile Operator, embarked upon a project to put in place its own core network infrastructure in Denmark. Prior to this significant change, it had relied on its bandwidth supplier providing synchronisation. This posed a problem because Sonofon was unable to satisfactorily monitor the quality of the sync it was receiving.

Sonofon decided to deploy its own synchronisation sources at key locations in Denmark and approached a number of vendors to investigate the technology and support for such an exercise.

SSU 2000

Sonofon selected Chronos because in addition to the technology it was offering, Chronos was also able to install, commission and fully support the required infrastructure. Chronos supplied the SSU2000 from Microsemi which is a platform that is highly resilient and offers a high degree of future proofing for Sonofon because this platform will be capable of supporting Next Generation sync protocols and signal types such as IEEE 1588, PTP and NTP as the standards evolve.

Martin Danielsen, Head of Fixed Network Planning: “Sonofon recently completed the successful rollout out of a significant network upgrade so that we are able to continue improving the quality of the services we offer to our customers.  Due to the nature of the project we sought a partner who could deliver the necessary synchronisation infras-tructure as a turnkey project and would also be able to provide ongoing support for that infrastructure.”

SSU2000 back

He added “After a detailed investigation, Chronos was selected for the project. Chronos delivered the project to specification, on time and within budget. The on-site, installation, commissioning and product familiarisation sessions all went smoothly leaving us highly satisfied with the solution. Chronos are now providing third level technical support to our operations teams. We look forward to a continued successful relationship with Chronos."

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