As cable operators update their technology to support more services more cost effectively, new timing demands arise. DOCSIS time server is a technology that addresses this requirement.

In the terrestrial DVB and DAB world, especially as these networks evolve, timing is critical, and can present significant challenges. New PTP/1588 timing solutions can be deployed specifically to address these needs.

Digital Video B'cast Operators

Digital Video Broadcast Operators

The introduction of DVB (Single Frequency Network) technology has revolutionised broadcasting during the past decade. Customers now have significantly more choice at little additional cost. However, this technology mandates strict synchronisation of key elements of the system. The terrestrial transmitters must to be closely phase aligned to one another to assure good service. If this situation is not achieved or is lost then the TV signals received by the customers will become impaired with typical symptoms being pixilation, ghosting and poor sound.

The signals that synchronise the transmitters can either be local devices or centrally located in the network. SyncWatch allows the ongoing performance of the synchronisation signals to be continually monitored and for performance as well as phase alignment and providing an early warning when performance falls to pre-defined limits.

Digital Audio B'cast Operators

Digital Audio Broadcast Operators

The introduction of DAB technology has also played a part in revolutionising broadcasting in recent years. Similar benefits to DVB are being realised i.e. more choice at lower cost. Studios as well as transport networks need to be correctly synchronised to ensure services are reliable. SyncWatch allows the quality of synchronisation signals to be independently assessed either in response to a specific problem or over a longer period as a pro-active monitoring mechanism.

Equipment Providers

Equipment Providers

Equipment manufacturers offer broadcasters different timing and transport solutions. IP/Ethernet and DTM transport solutions are being offered to broadcasters as two ways to enhance or optimise their infrastructures. Irrespective of which new transport solution a broadcaster selects SyncWatch is able prove the end-to-end synchronisation performanace the manufacturers technology is able to deliver. Evaluating / proving performance of synchronisation is vital before, during and after the implementation of a new technology such as IP/Ethernet or DTM.