Delivering ultra-precise time to the trading infrastructure for system optimization, risk management, and improved trading performance

As financial institutions around the world are seeking to offer the fastest trading speeds possible to support high-frequency trading and comply to MiFID II, their IT systems need highly accurate timing signals which are acquired from the GPS satellite network.  Chronos is building on its 30 years of experience in timing vital telecoms infrastructure, and the market leading technologies of partner ViaLite to deliver scalable, traceable time to trading and logging servers.

Precise and accurate time is increasingly critical to the success of many high-speed, low-latency trading systems. Whether it is improving the time stamp accuracy on archived data for algorithm optimisation, or synchronising the time between trading servers in a rack or around the world for trading risk management and performance monitoring, precise time is a key enabler of better performance. Chronos’ partnership with ViaLite delivers the end-to-end precise time synchronisation solutions needed to maintain competitiveness and gain competitive advantage.