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Outputs all time signals simultaneously on each of four fiberoptic outputs

The Universal Time Code Generator (UTCG) receives multiple inputs and transmits a digital signal containing both time and frequency information on a single optical fiber for extremely high quality.

Product Information

Product Information

The Universal Time Code Generator (UTCG) is a state-of-the art multiplexer that receives multiple inputs, including a frequency reference (required), 1PPS Sync signal (optional), and IRIG-B time code (optional) while simultaneously outputting all timing, RF, and time code on a single fiber to one or more Time Code Translators (TCTs) at remote locations.

Fiberoptic transmission for high quality

Because fiberoptic cable carries the time code to the TCT, the signal is of extremely high quality. There are no ground loops, crosstalk, or attenuation. No matter how many or what type of timing signals are needed at a remote location, only a single fiber pair is ever required. One fiber carries all timing signals to the TCT while the other optional fiber returns status information to the UTCG.

Enormous capacity

400 remote users can be supported with a single UTCG.

Front panel monitoring and control

Front panel LEDs and optically isolated contact closures annunciate alarms for failure of a downstream device, loss of phase lock, clock slip relative to an external 1PPS, approaching the end of the VCXO control range, and power supply failure. Using the front panel controls enables time to be slewed relative to the initial time in increments of 10 ns. In addition, leap seconds can be programmed to occur according to their schedule. Electrical and visual alarm outputs are also available to allow continuous status monitoring.

Hot swappable

Dual redundant power supplies can be hot-swapped to maintain continuous operation in case one power supply fails.