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Lydbrook, Gloucestershire – 28 January 2013 – Ground breakingGPS jamming and interference detection technology, developed by the Chronos research team in the GAARDIAN1 & SENTINEL2 projects, has been selected and undergone successful integration trials with Exelis, a diversified, top-tier global aerospace, defence and information solutions company based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA.  Chronos’ sensor technology is a key part of Exelis’ GPS Interference Detection and Geolocation (IDG)system, providing near real-time geolocation of intentional and unintentional GPS jamming sources through a network of sensors and advanced geolocation technology.

As GPS jamming devices become cheaper and readily available on the internet, it is increasingly important to protect critical infrastructure that uses GPS timing and positioning data such as ports, airports, utilities, telecoms, financial trading and military systems.  IDG technology is based upon a network of threat detection sensors supplied by Chronos that are linked to a centralised server running Exelis-developed geolocation algorithms.  The Chronos sensors would be strategically placed around areas at risk from GPS jamming to instantaneously sense and enable the location of the jamming source.

Chronos’ sensor technology has been developed from within the GAARDIAN and SENTINEL projects.  Both GAARDIAN and SENTINEL have been UK Government Technology Strategy Board (TSB) funded collaborative research projects. The SENTINEL network is currently operational in the UK and continues to detect frequent GPS jamming incidents in the vicinity of UK critical infrastructure including airports, major roads and city locations.

Prof. Charles Curry, Chronos Managing Director said, “We are very pleased to be working with Exelis in this emerging market of GPS Trusted Services and Service Quality Assurance.  With nearly 40 years’ GPS technology expertise, their considerable resources will enable us to combat the global threat of low-cost GPS jammers and enable the protection of critical infrastructure while assisting law enforcement agencies to neutralise the threat.”

1GAARDIAN – GNSS Availability Accuracy Reliability anD Integrity Assessment for timing and Navigation

2SENTINEL – SErvices Needing Trust In Navigation, Electronics, Location and timing