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Analysing in-Vehicle GPS/GNSS Jamming Incidents at the UK Border” Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards, Baltimore, Maryland, USA on 28-29 June 2017

21 June 2017

Billy Marshall, Research Systems Engineer of Chronos Technology, will present “Analysing in-Vehicle GPS/GNSS Jamming Incidents at the UK Border” at the forthcoming National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board meeting.  The Board provides independent advice to the US government on GPS-related policy, planning, programme management, and funding profiles in relation to the current state of national and international satellite navigation services.

Billy will present real-world photographic evidence of in-vehicle GPS/GNSS jamming that is currently being autonomously captured at a major UK port, together with analysis of the data and how it can be used to generate actionable intelligence, and the plans and potential for future developments.

The presentation will explore:

  • GNSS Interference – The Problem…
  • Automatically detecting GNSS interference
  • Proof of concept trial at the UK border
  • System setup
  • Results so far
  • The Future
  • Technology
  • Engagement and enforcement


Billy has worked with global positioning, navigation and timing systems since 2001 in a variety of capacities including sales, engineering, project management and consultancy. Currently working with cutting-edge timing and RF interference detection technologies to assess and optimise design approaches for research projects, build and run test systems, develop procedures for strategic and research projects, taking leadership on user community PoC trials and demonstrators in the field in both industrial, government and military applications and co-operating with external research partners and collaborators such as academia and industry.