Synchronisation Test & Monitoring

SyncWatch is a family of hardware probes and software products that can be combined to building highly versatile sync testing and monitoring systems.

Rack & Site Monitoring

Monitoring of your network equipment is vital to reduce network outages. Chronos delivers alarm status, environmental monitoring and power monitoring solutions which give our customers a much better understanding of what is happening in their switch/comms/data centre rooms.

Environmental & Power Monitoring

Corporate data centres are significant power users and as data centres today generate more heat output and often suffer from inadequate cooling, the need to operate efficiently and cost-effectively against infrastructure and power constraints is increasing.

OEM Alarm Monitoring

If you have applications which require remote monitoring with large or complex data processing requirements at point of source and bandwidth limited communications e.g. GSM/GPRS Chronos offers our remote monitoring technology "Internet Information Delivery" I2D.