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With the wisdom distilled from over a 1000 installs, Chronos' knowledge in the field of telecom network synchronisation is second to none. Blend in Chris Farrow, Technical Services Manager, who has worked with Marconi’s System X National Synchronisation Subsystem (NSS) during the 90s, with Charles Curry founder and MD with over 30 years experience in sync and timing to make a formidable team. We relish the challenges and opportunities created by telecom network sync problems.

Chronos provides a wide range of equipment Training classes for users, network planners and operators of SSUs and GPS timing products. Beyond this is the Sync Masterclass - delivered regularly to over 800 sync professionals since 1999, both as a public and private class in many different countries. The Sync Masterclass is a two day event with a non-commercial, pure knowledge bias to bring everyone from technician to strategic network planner up to speed with the latest sync issues and rules.

Beyond the knowledge teaching is the testing consultancy - The Chronos Sync Audit® is a bespoke testing service aimed at trouble shooting sync problems quickly and effectively and providing a solution going forward which will ensure they do not reoccur. In addition Chronos has performed Strategic Sync Testing Consultancy to evaluate products and services to ensure that they are fit for purpose or perform to network requirements. Most recently, Chronos has launched the Next Generation Network Sync Testing Consultancy, aimed at manufacturers, users and network operators who will be providing or connecting equipment or services impacted by poor sync to the next generation of packet based telecom networks.



Chronos can field arguably the most experienced team in the world for sync & timing knowledge. We can draw on the experience of significant experts in this specialist field, we relish any challenge and we have never failed to deliver comprehensive advice and value creating knowledge transfer to our clients as evidenced by these Customer Endorsements.

The team includes:

  • Charles Curry Managing Director who has been selling time and frequency products since the mid 70s and sold his first Cesium for PRC work in 1980
  • Chris Farrow Technical Manager, who when with Marconi was involved with System X National Synchronisation Subsystem (NSS) and subsequent sync upgrade
  • Steve Newcombe Account Manager who has built a successful manufacturing business, and a service and support organisation for enterprise NTP. Has conducted research into the remote management of telecommunications systems
  • Calum Dalmey Technical Manager, brings over 10 years' product marketing experience in the telecoms and military markets
  • Steve Wells Account Manager who brings over 11 years' network design engineering and timing and sync sales experience from Cable & Wireless and Microsemi
  • John Lyons Engineering and Projects Manager - when with Marconi Communications in the 90s focused on network engineering and operations and has managed the installation of over 1000 GPS and SSU systems
  • Ian Cotts has over 20 years' GNSS sales experience in the areas of transportation, air traffic, military, financial and civil infrastructure
  • Duncan Smith International Business Manager - Duncan has over 20 years' technical sales experience in the telecoms market, starting his career with BT
  • Richard Elsmore has over 10 years’ experience in dealing with the development of sync technology as we roll out projects involving PTP and SyncWatch


  • Next Generation Sync advice, solutions, knowledge and the convergence of time and timing
  • Strategic advice on future needs for synchronisation
  • Sync Audits™ - featuring: data collection, analysis, & reporting
  • ITSF and WSTS steering group membership, chairing and speaking
  • UK Government KTN – participation in the UK DTI Knowledge Transfer Network on location and timing steering group
  • Product performance evaluation testing and design advice
  • Design and planning of synchronisation networks for classic SDH and new NGN architecture
  • Workshops - tailored to specific needs. 
  • Long term Sync Monitoring service (no capital purchase)

Mobile and Fixed Line Operators

  • Mobile Operators - independent proof that your backhaul links are of acceptable quality. Drive up QOS
  • Fixed Line Operators - confirmation your infrastructure is engineered on firm foundations. Sync is a differentiator
  • All Operators - trusted advisor for anything "sync". We act as an impartial third party when bandwidth agreements are signed
  • KPIs and SLAs - Advice on managing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Product Manufacturers/SIs

  • Prove your products are fit for purpose for Next Generation Network interoperability
  • Prove your products are performing to the relevant Standards
  • Cost-reduce your product while still maintaining satisfactory sync performance
  • Choose the right synchronisation features for your next product development
  • Implement your own sync test environment to improve product cost and quality