UTC Sync

Steering an external quantum clock such as cesium reference to either GNSS or eLoran.

Cesium Frequency References

Accuracy, stability, and reliability of cesium time keeping standards meet the needs metrology labs, mobile satellite communications, and national timekeeping standards laboratories.

Embedded Atomic Clocks

Delivering stable and accurate frequency reference signals for precision test and measurement applications, telecommunications, tactical, shipboard and airborne environments where advanced communications, navigation and targeting systems requiring a stable reference that can function in demanding conditions.

Active Hydrogen Maser

The only Active Hydrogen Maser commercially available in the US delivers exceptional long-term stability and is currently used as an atomic frequency standard to set the international time scale

Space and Military Oscillators

Ruggedized cesium frequency and time standards are designed for extreme, stand-alone dependability and reliability in adverse operating conditions in telecommunications timing, calibration and metrology laboratories, satellite tracking stations and spaced based master time standards.

GPS Disciplined Oscillators

GPSDOs provide time and frequency reference signals that have the same long-term accuracy as the GPS signal itself and also provide a "holdover" capability to maintain system synchronization when GPS reception outages occur.