Sync Test & Monitoring

The SyncWatch family of hardware probes and software products can be combined to build highly versatile telecommunication synchronisation testing and monitoring systems. These solutions are particularly suitable for service providers and suppliers involved in specifying and implementing Next Generation Networks that will use ACR or PTP, 1588-2008 technologies.


Conventional methods to calibrate time involve transporting a very heavy Caesium atomic clock or running a GNSS cable from a convenient outside location into the equipment room and using other test equipment. TimePort™ enables time measurement or calibration  at less than 5% of the power, weight and size of transportable atomic clocks and removes the need to provision new or additional GNSS cables.

Phase Noise & Allan Deviation Test Sets

Microsemi’s test sets are typically used to characterise high precision oscillators and atomic clocks in a simple one-box solution, characterising even the lowest noise references. What was once a complicated and costly procedure is much easier, more accurate, and more cost-effective.


TimeCraft is an advanced,easy-to-use GUI management tool that provides FCAPS functionality to manage a synchronization device. TimeCraft reduces the complexity of using CLI commands and offers superior management capabilites.


TimePictra is a web-enabled synchronization network management system. This carrier class platform has an open, scalable, modular architecture that will grow and evolve with the network.


This advanced synchronization measurement analysis tool lets you import and analyze data from a number of sources and supports a wide range of analysis functions.