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SyncWatch Resources

Chronos provides integrated sync products, tools and services for the testing, diagnosing, measuring and monitoring of timing in telecom networks and services. By combining different hardware and software products we create solutions to address your specific needs.

SyncWatch Managed
SyncWatch Managed

A system for both tactical and long term network wide synchronisation monitoring. The system provides all the features and functions necessary to provide independant measures for synchronisation performance in networks. SyncWatch NetSMART software communicates with probes, monitors sync quality and integrates with operator NMS and OSS platforms.

SyncWatch Standalone
SyncWatch Standalone

A test solution optimised for lab and field testing activities, supporting E1/T1 and a range of frequencies. The system provides all features and functions required by engineers needing to test multiple synchronisation signals simultaneously and if required provide the collected data to others for additional analysis.  A clear and simple GUI ensures SyncWatch is easy to operate by engineers who are not synchronisation experts.


Microsemi's TimeMonitor Analyzer application is an advanced synchronisation measurement analysis tool (software) with the ability to import and analyze data from a number of sources.  These include dedicated jitter/wander tests used in networks and labs throughout the world, GPS/SSU/BITS equipment capable of making measurements, packet timing data using timestamped NTP or IEEE 1588 packets, and counters using the companion TimeMonitor Measurement application.

Services and Consultancy

Chronos is an acknowledged synchronisation expert and has a long history of supplying services relating to all aspects of timing and synchronisation implementation; from initial technology consultations, test equipment and acceptance plans through to lab and field trials and ultimately network rollout.