Network synchronisation is essential in every telecoms network. It ensures services offered over that network and between independent networks are reliable and continuously available.  Good sync helps assure quality of service delivery which is a key differentiator in the increasingly competitive world of telecom carriers.

The perils of poor synchronisation

Poor sync leads to loss of traffic and degraded performance in wireline networks. It leads to dropped calls and loss of handover capability in wireless networks. Poor synchronisation will almost inevitably lead to significant loss of revenue. Astute operators recognise this key linkage. See an article from the IET Communications Engineer, by Charles Curry entitled "The Network Pacemakers."


Chronos supports all installations with up to a 24 x 365 help desk and man-on-site next day equipment replacement service.  We have over $40m of synchronisation hardware on support in more than 50 countries to over 65 customers.  We provide resilient systems so our customers rarely suffer catastrophic network failures, except under extreme conditions.  Despite all this, our engineers are ready to answer a call at 3am Christmas morning if required.

Turnkey installations

Chronos provides a full turnkey installation service anywhere in the World. Fully project managed to ensure complete success and delivery on time, and within budget.


We educate telecom professionals with our Sync MasterClass - a two-day knowledge-based course providing the latest information about network synchronisation.