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The MHM 2010 Hydrogen Maser delivers frequency stability only previously achievable with the most stable of cesium atomic standards

Product Information

Product Information

Hydrogen masers operate on the principal that when hydrogen atoms are excited to resonance they emit radiation of a precise frequency (1420MHz) and spectral line width (21cm). Phase locking the input energy with the output frequency as a function of the observed line width produces a frequency of incredible long-term stability. When used as a clock, the device will gain or lose a second in about 63 million years.

Auto- tuning

The MHM 2010 incorporates an automatic frequency control system to maintain the cavity at a constant frequency relative to the hydrogen emission line. This technique enables the MHM 2010™ to deliver long-term stability normally only attributed to the most stable of cesium atomic standards.

Environmental sensitivity

The MHM 2010 is designed to for low sensitivity to temperature, magnetic field and power supply changes.


The MHM 2010 provides multiple 5, 10, 100MHz outputs and 1PPS. Multiple configurations can be ordered to optimize for varied applications.

Low phase noise output option

The MHM 2010 can be factory configured with low phase noise outputs that enable higher resolution measurements in VLBI applications and provide improved reference signals for master timing systems.

Maintenance free operation

A proprietary Teflon coating technique that virtually eliminates any recoating requirement and very low hydrogen usage (<0.01 mole per year) provides extended maintenance free life. Demonstrated life exceeds eighteen years.