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Ovenized Quartz Master Oscillator

The 9500 is a high performance oven-controlled quartz crystal oscillator that produces a highly stable, low noise reference frequency output. It is particularly suited to space applications, and can be used as the on-board frequency reference for a satellite or its ground station.

Product Information

Product Information

High performance

The 9500 features an SC-cut quartz resonator which along with its sustaining electronics is completely enclosed in an insulating dewar and then kept at a precisly controlled temperature. The result is excellent short-term stability, phase noise and aging characteristics.

Ruggedized for Satellite Installations

All EEE parts on the 9500 are selected in accordance with MIL-STD-975/PPL-21 for Grade 1 or Grade 2 applications, and are procured from approved QML/QPL sources of supply.