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Compact High-Performance Space-Qualified OCXO

Available for quick delivery, the 9600QT is a space-qualified frequency standard designed to operate under the most adverse conditions.

Product Information

Product Information

The space-qualified 9600QT can be delivered in only 4 weeks for engineering models and 12 weeks for flight models. It features a 3rd overtone SC-cut class s quartz resonator and sustaining electronics controlled at a precise temperature to achieve temperature insensitive performance with excellent short-term stability, phase noise and aging.

Compact Without Compromise

Class K-qualified hybrid circuitry allows for the greatest possible reduction in size without compromises in performance or reliability.

Short Lead Time, Rugged Performance

A standard configuration enables industry-leading delivery times for a space qualified OCXO designed to perform as specified when exposed to radiation of up to 100krads and a pyrotechnic shock of up to 3000g.

Mil Spec Manufacturing

Assembly is performed by skilled operators certified to NASA-approved workmanship standards. Hybrid circuits are produced at facilities qualified to MIL-PRF-38534C.