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Ultra-Miniatrue Space VHF OCXO Series

The 9800 B is an ultra-miniature space-qualified oscillator designed to provide a high stability VHF sinewave output for a wide variety of space mission applications.

Product Information

Product Information

Miniaturization without compromise

The use of hybrid circuitry allows for the greatest possible reduction in size without compromises in performance or reliability.

Combination of Excellent Spectral Purity and Long Term Stability

The 9800B is the obvious choice where a combination of excellent spectral purity and long term stability is essential. It contributes to the simplification of system design because its low frequency aging extends the period of time needed between synchronization. In addition to a choice between Grade 1 and Grade 2 component quality, the 9800B series can be customized in output frequency, warm-up time, and other characteristics, making it useful for all space applications.

Mil Spec manufacturing

Assembly is performed by skilled operators certified to NASA workmanship standards. Hybrid circuits are produced at facilities qualified to MIL-PRF-38534. All discrete components are manufactured and tested to Grade 1 requirements per MIL-STD-975.