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Delivers highly precise atomic clock performance using the inherent stability of the rubidium atom

The SA.22c’s compact form factor, low power consumption, and full-spectrum temperature operation make cost-effective rubidium performance accessible to a wide range of synchronization applications, from telecom networks to handheld test and measurement devices.

Product Information

Product Information

The SA.22c is a board mounted rubidium oscillator, with a complete range of output frequencies available to meet the needs of a large set of synchronization applications.

Flexible operation

The SA.22c can be disciplined to a precision 1PPS reference input (such as a GPS) or it can operate by itself as a precision stand-alone reference. The SA.22c’s outputs also include a 1PPS.

Dynamic frequency control

The SA.22c can communicate through its serial port to provide dynamic frequency control and selection and to enable or disable outputs. The SA.22c can be queried for such information as serial number, operating hours, operating temperature, event history, self-test and other such performance indicators.