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Gigabit Ethernet IEEE-1588 Precision Time Protocol Grandmaster

High-speed low-latency trading systems need reliable and precise time synchronization across all related aspects of the trading process. The TimeProvider 5000 features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and high performance PTP Grandmaster operations with line speed packet processing making it an excellent solution for high speed stock trading networks.

Product Information

Product Information

The Microsemi® TimeProvider® 5000 is an IEEE 1588-2008 compliant, Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Grandmaster Clock with a robust design that provides high client capacity, hardware-based packet processing and redundant hardware to deliver scalable and unsurpassed PTP grandmaster performance. This level of performance is exactly what is required in leading edge high-speed, low-latency trading systems deploying the very latest in networking technology.

Gigabit Ethernet You Can Rely On

Dual Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports can be configured as independent PTP grandmasters to service different networks, or bonded for failover redundancy. For additional redundancy in critical trading systems, a second, dual port PTP module can be installed and kept in standby mode as an automatic failover should the primary module go offline. The flexibility of the dual SFP ports operating at GigE speeds provides for easy interoperability with existing network switching infrastructure.

Precise, High-Capacity Hardware

TimeProvider 5000, with precise hardware-based PTP time stamping and packet processing, supports very high client capacity at full rates. The number of PTP clients operating in default profile mode can range from tens of thousands at low rates to 4000 clients at a request rate of 32 packets per second per client. There is no performance degradation as the number of clients increases. Both 1-step or 2-step clock modes are supported, and to keep multicast traffic at a minimum hybrid mode is also a choice.

Extended Holdover

TimeProvider 5000 oven controlled crystal oscillator can be upgraded to an internal Rubidium atomic oscillator that keeps the clock accurate to microseconds per day in the event connection to GPS is lost.

Optional NTP

With optional NTP server capability, TimeProvider 5000 supports both PTP and NTP protocols simultaneously. The two ports of the GigE module can be separately configured, one for PTP and one for NTP. NTP capacity is up to 20,000 transactions per second and it also uses the high accuracy hardware stamping engine.

Total Performance

The Time Provider 5000 delivers dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, precision time stamping, hardware-based packet processing, hardware redundancy, and extended holdover—the total performance master clock for modern trading networks.