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High Performance Quantum Clock

QuTC™ from Chronos is a system comprising a high performance Quantum clock frequency standard with dedicated hardware and specialist software to synchronise the Quantum clock to UTC - otherwise known as time from GPS.  Options include locking to UTCGalileo, UTCBeidou, UTCeLoran or suitable Precision Time Protocol (PTP) sources.

Key Product Information

Product Information

Physically locking a high performance Quantum clock to a source of UTC is not trivial.  You need a source of UTC eg. a GNSS eLoran receiver or maybe a suitable PTP source, a suitable antenna, the ability to continuously measure the relative time offset of the Quantum clock to within a nanosecond and the ability to control it via an external input.  However, with QuTC™ Chronos has turned this complex application into a simple solution using commercial off the shelf Quantum clock technology and a dedicated version of the Chronos 6200 family of timing measurement and interface equipment - CTL6210.