Using the IEEE 1588v2 protocol standard (also known as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), devices on an Ethernet network can now be synchronised with IEEE 1588v2 allowing network operators to achieve precise frequency and phase at the edge of the network. Chronos combines over 25 years’ sync and timing experience with Microsemi’s comprehensive range of 1588 sync solutions to meet the stringent timing and synchronisation requirements of 4G/LTE networks.


TimeProvider 4100

Best-in-class 1588 Grandmaster, TimeProvider 4100 is complemented by extensive port fan-out for PTP, NTP, SyncE, and legacy BITS. 

TimeProvider 2300

TimeProvider 2300

Edge Grandmaster Clock and Edge Boundary Clock designed to support small cells and meet the stringent timing requirements of 4G/LTE networks.

TimeProvider 2700

TimeProvider 2700

PTP IEEE 1588v2 Grandmaster Clock designed for the edge to support small cells and meet the stringent timing requirements of 4G/LTE networks.

SyncBOX-u Boundary Clock

Simple and cost-effective Boundary Clock for deploying PTP capable equipment in existing networks.

Integrated GNSS Master: IGM-1100i

Delivering precise GNSS based time to small cell deployments is the Microsemi Integrated GNSS Master (IGM) bringing GNSS timing indoors.

IEEE 1588 Mini Grandmaster: IGM-1100x

Providing precise time in situations where a GNSS antenna is already deployed or where it would be cost-effective to deploy.

Integrated GNSS Master: IGM-1100o

Ideal for situations where the IGM 1100i cannot be deployed due to building material, urban canyons or other constraints.

TimeProvider 5000 and TimeProvider Expansion

TimeProvider 5000 and TimeProvider Expansion

Carrier grade, packet-based timing and synchronization.

TimeProvider 5000 NTP

Carrier grade server supporting IP-based telecom services such as IPTV and multimedia offerings as well as being ideal for large scale femtocell sync applications.


A comprehensive IEEE 1588 PTP end-to-end sync management platform offering sync and timing visibility and management across the entire network.


An advanced GUI management tool that reduces the complexity of using CLI commands and can be managed remotely or locally.


This advanced synchronization measurement analysis tool lets you import and analyze data from a number of sources and supports a wide range of analysis functions.