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Carrier class synchronisation management ensures control and visibility of the entire network

Microsemi's TimePictra modular web based sync management system ensures control and visibility of the entire synchronisation network.

Product Information

Product Information

TimePictra from Microsemi is a single, powerful integrated software management system that enables network personnel to access information about NEs, update their configurations, conduct inventory management for any of the managed elements in the synchronization network, view performance data, check current network status and monitor events and alarms in real-time.

Scalable architecture designed for flexibility

Built on a scalable and modular architecture, TimePictra is a carrier class platform designed to meet changing network demands. New network elements can be rapidly added to the large list of manageable elements. TimePictra integrates with higher-level systems through north-bound interfaces, allowing rapid problem identification in a Network Operation Centre (NOC) environment, while adding a large number of value-added features and functions that are unique to the sync network.

Web and X-window GUIs simplify management

The rich html interface includes fully functional interactive maps, colour-coded conditions and icons. Drill down functionality provides more visibility into the network’s synchronization status.

Web-based Access for anytime, anywhere management

Secure access over the web for authorized TimePictra users enables sync network management from anywhere at anytime. Dial up or VPN access enables connectivity to the mission-critical sync network from remote locations. The low-bandwidth requirements of a thin-client web-based GUI needs no special client-side installation or setup.

Secure access and communications

TimePictra offers several modes of security for managing synchronization networks. Role-based access guarantees only authorized users use the system. Management Domains add a level of security and organization. SSL-enabled communications ensures secure access over the web. Transaction logs ensure all activities by users are documented and logged. Encrypted TL1 communications (when supported by the sync NEs) ensure that events, alarms and commands are protected and secure, even from remote locations.

Fault management

The fault manager provides access to all of the network elements. Events and alarms are displayed using a colour-coded format compliant with ITU-T standards; notifications are easily intelligible.

Configuration made simple

An integrated configuration manager allows network personnel to access information about NEs and update their configurations from within this single application.

Component level inventory tracking

TimePictra provides inventory information on any of the managed elements in the synchronization network, down to the component level. Inventory tracking includes as location, serial number, part number, type of equipment, software and hardware revision levels.

Performance manager

Performance data coming out of network elements that perform measurements can be collected over pre-defined time periods and evaluated to indicate the health of the network as well as any potential impairment.  Used in conjunction with TimeMonitor, the Performance Manager can generate MTIE, TDEV and frequency graphs for comparison with ITU-T standards defined masks.