Modular Solutions

Built on a modular architecture that has become the backbone for today's specialized communications market, Modular Distribution solutions deliver industry standard data rate clocking and signal distribution in civilian and military communication systems, satellite ground and mobile stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories.

1U Distribution Amplifier

Accurate, centralized reference signals for the communications marketplace delivering precision reference signals to multiple equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk. Paired with GPS receivers, frequency standards and oscillators, the time and frequency modules effectively distribute signals and generate all rates required by communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories.

GPS Instruments

Microsemi’s GPS & Time Code Instrumentation provide the precise time and frequency that is crucial to the operation of sophisticated communication systems and offer versatile and flexible solutions for timing and synchronisation requirements.

Bus Level Timing

Providing unparalleled precise time and frequency to the host computer and peripheral systems.