Chronos is recognised globally for its knowledge and competencies in these fields with specific expertise in timing, synchronisation and geolocation technologies.

Customers in the telecommunications, defence/security, energy and enterprise sectors have all benefited by their long and continuing relationship with Chronos, in particular, the skills and technological building blocks developed in-house. These allow monitoring of internal systems and external dependencies which in turn have brought improved system uptime, reduced system failure and greater reliability for mission critical applications.

Chronos in-house capabilities include:

  • 24x7 System Monitoring Techniques
  • Timing Anomaly Detection
  • GPS/GNSS Jamming, Interference and Multipath Detection and QoS Monitoring
  • eLoran Timing and Signal Quality Monitoring
  • Visualisation, Data Analysis and Communications
  • GPS/GNSS Disciplined Oscillator & CSAC Design

This capability sheet provides an overview of essential technological building blocks which are available for commercialisation and exploitation by embedding into customers’ equipment and solutions as either discrete products, OEM modules and PCB blades or IP components.


24/7 System Monitoring Techniques

The Chronos 24x7 monitoring capability is optimised to detect non-deterministic and occasional anomalous behaviour for timing, synchronisation and GNSS applications. Non-deterministic events are often the cause of system instability and failure and are typically expensive and time consuming to trace and mitigate. Chronos’ monitoring technology ensures the capture and analysis of rare events by delivering data around the anomaly to create actionable situational awareness in order to mitigate and/or rectify the problem. Events are filtered and non-relevant data discarded. Alerts are activated when an event is detected.

Whilst we have focused on timing and GNSS, you may wish to bring other 24x7 monitoring opportunities to our attention.