Why use your company’s valuable capital expenditure to purchase your own spares when we can do it for you?

Advance Replacement

We guarantee to replace your faulty equipment within one working day, or faster depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA). This can either be facilitated using equipment from our "Chronos Managed Inventory" or "Customer Owned Inventory" pools.

Chronos Managed Inventory

Chronos has invested heavily in a spares inventory that matches our customers’ deployed equipment. As a result, we hold a comprehensive range of stock ready for advance replacement into your network – no dealing with manufacturers’ warranties and having equipment out of circulation while it is being repaired, we simply take or deliver a spare to site (service level dependent).

Spares holdings are regularly checked using Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) data (both computed and live) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) on a monthly basis to ensure that your needs are met by our inventory at all times.

Our network ready spares are kept in a live state enabling our engineers to configure them to your specific requirements, ensuring a hot swap capability at your equipment location.

Customer Owned Inventory

If you prefer to own your spares as assets, Chronos can manage these for you.  They are held as “Goods in Trust” and are kept separate from our Vendor Managed Spares.

Your spares will be kept in a live state, configured to your specific requirements, ready to be delivered to site in the event of an equipment failure.

All repairs of your assets can be managed by us, as well as full fault reporting on a monthly basis if required.