Chronos Spares Support Plan (SSP)

Today’s modern networks are designed with redundancy in mind, giving service providers a solid defence against catastrophic failures. However, equipment failures and other unplanned events arise where rapid response and action is required to prevent non-service effecting issues escalating.

This is where Chronos Technology excels; providing our customers with complete peace of mind that whatever and wherever a situation occurs, we are here 24/7 to offer our expert knowledge and support and to get your network fully operational with the minimum of delay.

Maximise Legacy Equipment ROI

Maximising return on investment is a key element in any network operation and can include retaining equipment beyond its originally planned life.

Equipment retained in the network beyond its manufacturer end of life presents a risk that it cannot be repaired or swapped with like-for-like parts. Chronos understands this and has been supporting legacy equipment for tier one mobile network operators over many years by holding and purchasing legacy equipment as it is removed from customers’ networks.

Our expertise in some legacy systems is unrivalled, even by the original manufacturer, as original personnel have moved on.

The key features that can be incorporated into a customer’s support plan are:

  • Chronos Technical Helpdesk
  • Spares Management
  • Advance Replacement
  • Chronos Managed Inventory
  • Customer Owned Inventory
  • On-Site Support
  • Service Level Agreements