Sync Excellence from Chronos

Chronos is an acknowledged synchronisation expert and has a long history of supplying services relating to all aspects of timing and synchronisation implementation; from initial technologyconsultations, test equipment and acceptance plansthrough to lab and field trials and ultimately network rollout.

Infrastructure Verification

GPS/GNSS infrastructure verification

Many of today’s Primary Reference Clocks (PRCs) are reliant on GPS or GNSS satellite receiver systems for their timing.  Employing Chronos’ GNSS Services at PRC sites ensures a good quality, reliable and safe feed from the rooftop to the clock.  Please see the separate datasheet “Chronos GNSS Services” for more information.


Test and Analysis

Good synchronisation is vital to ensure an efficient network.  Testing of new infrastructure is crucial, and tactical or long-term monitoring of sync health is key to maintaining on-going confidence of network timing quality.

Chronos’ synchronisation testing and analysis services recommends the most efficient way to test network sync health by identifying critical points in a network and employing the most appropriate test equipment to maximise the scope and benefits of the testing.  Once the data has been collected it will be presented in a comprehensive report along with detailed analysis of the current sync performance and, if required, recommendations on how to improve areas of concern.

Services include Sync Audits™ featuring: sync network data collection, analysis and reporting and, if appropriate, a long term synchronisation monitoring service with no capital purchase required.

Hardware Installation/Commissioning

Sync Hardware Installation and Commissioning

Chronos delivers expert installation and commissioning to all relevant Standards ensuring compliant, efficient and easily maintainable systems.  With experience gained from thousands of worldwide installations, high quality is guaranteed. Services include:

  • Site survey and risk assessment
  • Detailed plan of installation—including cable runs, connections and acceptance test procedures
  • High quality installation complying with site-specific and international standards
  • Fully documented commissioning and testing of sync, timing, data and management functions
  • Managed network cut-over to new systems


Knowledge and Training

Training courses and workshops covering all aspects of synchronisation and timing systems, technologies and implementation  techniques are available.  These can be tailored to specific requirements and can be held at Chronos, or customers’ premises.

As well as formal delivery, Chronos offers synchronisation  test and network hardware training and workshops, giving practical hands-on experience of using and measuring synchronisation equipment and signals.

Additionally the Chronos Sync MasterClass is an internationally recognised vendor neutral two day event with a non-commercial, pure knowledge bias featuring the latest technologies, procedures and current synchronisation knowledge.


Planning and Design

Chronos’ planning and design services provide expert advice and documentation for implementation of synchronisation and timing within SDH, PON, Ethernet and IP, using G8.x, DOCSIS, NTP, PTPv2 technologies. 

Chronos creates bespoke synchronisation plans that take into account all network requirements and conform to relevant ITU and IEEE Standards.  Using best practices and planning rules, tailored recommendations are delivered in a comprehensive report that documents all the key components and technical calculations along with supporting data, network diagrams and rationale.

Sync delivery technologies and products are constantly evolving and Chronos maintains a long term strategic view of synchronisation and timing and can offer advice  regarding future network synchronisation requirements.

Synchronisation Services