High Quality Racks with Security and Environmental Monitoring

Product Information

Product Information

A leading provider of telecoms solutions serving customers throughout the world, was purchasing racks and monitoring equipment from two different suppliers and integrating the monitoring equipment into the racks themselves. This was costing both time and money. There was an added problem when the rack supplier went out of business. The Telco tried another supplier who provided racks with integrated monitoring but the monitoring aspects were limited, not scalable and performed poorly.

The requirement was for robust quality racks conforming to stringent earthing requirements with fitted security and environmental features to monitor:

  • Rack temperature
  • Both front and rear door status (open/closed)
  • Both side panels (on/off)
  • Smoke alarm (separately powered for reliability)

Chronos was already supplying the T/MON NOC from US based DPS Telecom which managed the alarm monitoring equipment in the Telco’s racks and other systems in their network.

Chronos quickly sourced and proposed two options from different rack suppliers to alleviate the problem of a single supplier going out of business again.

Chronos also specified a Sinetica Hawk-i2 to perform the monitoring in the rack along with the relevant sensors to give the Telco the visibility that they needed.

To ensure the solution is scalable and easily maintained, the sensors terminate in a separate wiring block in the rack, therefore, independent from the monitoring device. The architecture of the alarm cabling is designed for flexibility should the monitoring unit need upgrading to provide more outputs or more functions.

Chronos integrated the equipment into the racks, performed full testing and delivered the racks into the switch rooms for installation.

The Hawk-i2 is fully manageable using SNMP. The Telco compiled the Sinetica MIB into the T/MON NOC and it fitted seamlessly into the existing management setup.

Chronos provides ongoing telephone support on the T/MON and the Hawk-i2s and next day advance replacement on the units.