An international provider of conferencing solutions required synchronisation for its new PBX VoIP switch.

Due to the increased volume of traffic on its network, the service provider bought a new switch and, recognising the importance of time and timing in its network to enhance and improve its existing levels of customer satisfaction, it selected Chronos to supply and install a synchronisation solution and provide a two year support contract.

Chronos supplied a TS3600 GPS Timing Receiver from its US partner Microsemi, together with the Hawk-i alarm monitoring system from Sinetica. Using rubidium atomic clock technology the TS3600 enhances the stability of the timing signal received from the GPS satellite system. If problems are encountered, the Hawk-i sends SNMP alarms to the service provider’s SNMP alarm manager. Hawk-i has the additional benefit of monitoring the temperature and humidity of the environment where the PBX is housed.

Customer satisfaction is the service provider’s main priority. As one of the largest dedicated conference calling providers in the world providing reliable and cost-effective audio conferencing, video conferencing, web conferencing and event conferencing solutions it was vital that its telecoms network functioned smoothly and that any problems were swiftly highlighted so that any necessary action can be taken to minimise disruption to its services.


The TS3600 is easy to manage and maintain, especially when supported by Chronos. The Rubidium atomic oscillator on board gives superb holdover performance should GPS be lost, lending itself to remote or unmanned sites and locations (such as urban canyons) with minimal GPS coverage.

Case Study: Synchronisation Solution for VOIP Application