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TCG 02-G Expansion Module 2

Product Information

Product Information

TCG 02-G expansion module two adds a secondary, independent Ethernet port, which can output SNTP, NTP or PTP (IEEE 1588).  In addition, module two also adds two isolated digital inputs which can be used to synchronise the TCG 02-G to an external DCLS IRIG-B source.  The digital inputs can also be used for event recording, with a time stamping accuracy of 100 ns.

Expansion module two also adds a programmable TTL port, 0-5 V, as well as four fixed IRIG-B ports.  These ports are switchable between AM or DCLS IRIG-B signals.  Expansion module two is ideal for applications where a high number of DC of AM IRIG-B outputs are required to synchronise protection schemes or large automation plants.

Each output port is individually customisable between a BNC or a fibre output.  Refer to the datasheet for more information.