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Product Information

Product Information

Microsemi’s TimeProvider® 5000 Grandmaster is a carrier grade IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) timing source designed to handle the most stringent timing requirements of today’s packet-based, next generation networks. An NTP server option and expansion shelf capabilities that include Synchronous Ethernet and an advanced PTP profile make this system capable of supporting existing and future networks. A carrier grade design with flexible capabilities for delivering 3G, 4G/LTE, advanced LTE, and 5G wireless, as well as broadband multimedia.  TP5000 has been upgraded to include IPv6 options for PTP and NTP services and now supports GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo.

High performance for carrier grade applications

TimeProvider 5000 adheres to the latest IEEE 1588 (PTP v2) standard and meets applicable performance requirements of the ITU-T G.8272 standard for a Primary Reference Time Clock (PRTC).

Fully redundant equipment, high network availability

With dual Input/Output Clock cards in active and standby mode, TimeProvider 5000 ensures there is no impact on client performance when failover occurs.

High client capacity, high message rate

TimeProvider 5000, with hardware-based time stamping and packet processing, delivers high client capacity at full rates: up to 1000 clients at up to 128 messages per second.

Optional quartz and rubidium oscillators

Both quartz and rubidium oscillator options are available enabling the optimal level of holdover based on network performance, applications requirements and equipment cost budgets.

NTP server option

To enable the simultaneous support of both PTP and NTP, the TimeProvider 5000 PTP Grandmaster offers a licensed software option to add carrier grade, hardware-based NTP server capability which can support up to 20,000 transactions per second.

TimeProvider Expansion capabilities

TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster serves as the initial unit in a “rack and stack” configuration with TimeProvider Expansion products. These 1 RU shelves greatly expand the capabilities of the TimeProvider portfolio, and up to ten expansion shelves can be deployed in any combination. With two high-precision DTI ports for inter-shelf connections and redundant power connections, the expansion units deliver the carrier grade protection needed to ensure service availability and network uptime.

TimeProvider Expansion 10

The TimeProvider Expansion10 shelf adds up to 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports simultaneously supporting PTP and SyncE. With SyncE to frequency synchronise the transport network and PTP for time and phase to base stations, the TimeProvider Expansion 10 is a complete solution for mobile networks as they evolve to technologies such as LTE-TDD and LTE-Advanced.

The TimeProvider Expansion10 uses hardware-based time stamping and packet processing to support up to 400,000 PTP multicast clients. The SyncE implementation includes support for the Ethernet Synchronisation Message Channel (ESMC).

TimeProvider Expansion 30

Even as networks transition to packet, elements still need synchronising using the frequency and interfaces of the traditional TDM network. To enable this, TimeProvider Expansion 30 has 12 E1/2.048MHz output ports and 12 1PPS/TOD output ports.