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The ViaLiteHD SNMP network monitoring card fully monitors and controls ViaLiteHD RF over fibre systems.  The card can also be used with optical fibre to extend existing Ethernet networks (eg from a control room to the antenna in a satellite earth station).

Product Information

Product Information

  • Easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) – watch the demo video
  • Real time monitoring of card performance
  • Alarm monitoring and event logging
  • Compatible with all ViaLiteHD rack chassis and modules
  • Easy integration with network management systems (NMS) using management information base (MIB) tables
  • Monitor the ViaLite system from a single remote terminal
  • Actively manage redundancy switching
  • New RF cards can be automatically reprogrammed with the previous card parameters
  • Remote SNMP to local SNMP connection via optical fibre
  • 5-year warranty as standard

The SNMP network monitoring card is available for use in the 1U/3U chassis and the Satcom6 enclosure.


The SNMP card is designed to make tracking the performance of ViaLiteHDequipment straightforward and is an invaluable diagnostic and troubleshooting tool.


Graphical user interface (GUI)

The built-in GUI offers a representation of ViaLiteHD modules in a connected rack chassis. The GUI displays the operational status of the modules and chassis power supplies, along with the voltage and temperature of the SNMP card.  The interface can be accessed from any standard web browser using the IP address of the SNMP network monitoring card.


Simple to Install

The SNMP card means any user can quickly set up local and remote ViaLiteHD equipment by accessing the front panel LAN port on the card.  This enables fast and easy installation or reconfiguration of a fibre link network.  Under normal operational conditions, the card can be permanently connected to the user’s network and the health of the ViaLiteHD system can be monitored at any time.


Management Information Base (MIB) Tables

The open architecture of the SNMP card’s MIB allows management of the alarm information using any SNMP-compatible third party network management system (NMS), when connected via the local area network (LAN).


Summary Alarm Monitoring Cards for in-rack Alarms

In addition to the SNMP card which can be used for alarm monitoring via a GUI, ViaLite‘s Summary Alarm Monitoring cards can be used within rack chassis to monitor the rest of the fitted equipment.  These cards are able to report alarms by front panel visual indicators, audio alarms and by the status of the card’s on-board relays – which can be used to trigger the customer’s alarm monitoring equipment.

On start-up, the Summary Alarm Monitoring card analyses the active, populated slots within the chassis to allow for the empty slots to be ignored.

The cards monitor all chassis alarm outputs, or DIP switches are available for manual alarm screening if preferred.