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Chronos has been delivering global synchronisation and timing excellence to telecoms, energy, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT & defence markets for over 30 years; optimising timing in communications networks and enabling our customers to deliver seamless services.

Working closely with our customers, our team of technical experts provide complete solutions from network design, solution specification, build & test, installation & commissioning and 24/365 support, delivering best performance for communications networks.

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Customers come first.  Our professional sync & timing solutions are designed to assist you at every level of design, supply, install and support across a wide range of networks and applications.

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TimeProvider 4100 Precise Timing Gateway Clock

The Microsemi TimeProvider 4100 is a versatile IEEE 1588 Grandmaster engineered to provide phase to today's 4G, LTE and LTE-A deployments, as well as tomorrow's cRAN evolutions and 5G networks.


Chronos Technology provides a full GPS reradiating installation service from designing the layout and implementation of the solution through to comprehensive after sales support.  The process starts with a site survey which provides a thorough investigation of the facilities to be covered, dimensions, access points, obstructions and detail mains power requirements.  It also provides an Installation Method Statement and Risk Assessment analysis to illustrate to the client what equipment will be used and where it will be installed.

The highly skilled and trained Chronos installation team is fully competent with GPS equipment and solutions and has installed both military and civil reradiating solutions throughout the world over the last 15 years.  The team has extensive knowledge of managing lone worker situations, health and safety requirements and negotiating on site access and facilities. Chronos’ electricians are 16th edition qualified.

Hangar Solutions

All navigation systems fitted in aircraft have to be tested on a regular basis. Where GPS is fitted, even if it is only a back-up, it too has to be calibrated in order to ensure full functionality. When a plane is serviced or stored in a hangar, it obviously does not have a clear view of the sky and as GPS signals are inherently low signal strength, a GPS reradiation solution enables the GPS receiver on the aircraft to be tested without needing to transport the aircraft outside.

The GPS signal can be re-radiated using variable gain controlled amplifiers to anywhere in the hangar/building so that even quite large indoor spaces or shadowed areas can receive the signal.  For large areas or multiple room scenarios, a combination of GPS splitters can be used to provide total coverage using a single external GPS antenna.


  • Calculation of link budgets
  • Site Survey— to ensure that even before commencing an installation the antenna, cable run and reradiators will all be placed at optimum locations
  • Installation Method Statement and Risk Assessment provided
  • Project Review Meetings—to ensure the smooth running of your project
  • Turnkey installations— fitting the antenna, cable run and reradiators
  • Commissioning—ensuring the equipment performs to its specification and work is complete
  • Training—to ensure local operations and maintenance staff are familiar with the equipment and management system
  • Support—Chronos offers a Spares Support Programme (SSP)

  Case Study: GPS Reradiating Installation Capabilities from Chronos



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