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Chronos has been delivering global synchronisation and timing excellence to telecoms, energy, banking, financial institutions, broadcast, enterprise IT & defence markets for over 30 years; optimising timing in communications networks and enabling our customers to deliver seamless services.

Working closely with our customers, our team of technical experts provide complete solutions from network design, solution specification, build & test, installation & commissioning and 24/365 support, delivering best performance for communications networks.

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Customers come first.  Our professional sync & timing solutions are designed to assist you at every level of design, supply, install and support across a wide range of networks and applications.

Precise, accurate time in your network starts with a quality installation

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TimeProvider 4100 Precise Timing Gateway Clock

Enhanced TimeProvider 4100 adds 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) Support, a Boundary Clock operation mode that lowers operational costs, and other enhancements to improve how timing flows are distributed from multiple sources to a network's base stations and other endpoints.


All robust networks are designed to mitigate the impact of losing a synchronisation feed, but what happens when a feed deteriorates and remains undetected? When is poor sync worse than no sync?

A network operator experienced just this. Due to an unpredictable chain of events, a master clock was left to output a corrupted signal which remained undetected by downstream equipment. The situation resulted in loss of revenue and dissatisfied customers but also impacted emergency services. The master clock issue was resolved soon after it was detected, but could the supervisors of the downstream equipment benefited from an early indication of the poor sync quality?


The loss of synchronisation quality would have been detected by SyncWatch, the 24/365 sync measuring and monitoring platform from Chronos.

SyncWatch continuously monitors a wide range of physical layer and packet synchronisation signals and when deployed correctly can alert users to current or impending issues. Using the upstream reporting methods sync quality alarms and data can be integrated into other management systems.

Reporting real time sync performance data enables the operations team to see network synchronisation problems promptly and be able to react quickly to assure continuous delivery of service quality.

SyncWatch Benefits

  • Enables long term trending and historical analysis of synchronisation performance
  • Measurement and performance monitoring platform independent of sync delivery network
  • Plug & Play probes enable fast deployment
  • Scalable system ensures longevity
  • Can be deployed globally with all the necessary interfaces
  • Small and transportable
  • For use in the labs and operational networks

SyncWatch Features

  • Enables live measurement or 24x7 quality monitoring
  • PTP client: ITU G.8265.1 Telecom Profile Compliant
  • Can be used in distributed and local architectures
  • Supports multiple measurement interfaces - T1, E1 and Nx8k up to 200MHz
  • Engineered for flexible deployment scenarios
  • Simple to use - software controllable
  • Multiple measurement/monitoring references - GPS and Rubidium
  • Comprehensive reporting through GUI, SNMP, email or SMS



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