ION GNSS, Nashville, Tennessee, USA - 18 September 2012– Chronos Technology is pleased to announce a new partnership with NavtechGPS to market its CTL3500 handheld GPS jamming detector in the USA.

The interference monitor is designed to detect the presence of too much GPS satellite power or non GPS signal and interference broadcasting on the satellite navigation L1 channel which could indicate inadvertent interference or intentional electronic warfare attacks intended to jam GPS signals.

The relatively low cost, battery operated device uses low noise signal amplification with precision SAW filters and logarithmic detection to detect interference to GPS sensor signals.  The filtering and detection techniques check for unwanted signals within the centre of the GPS L1 band no matter what the waveform or modulation scheme may be and indicates the level on the 5 LEDs and cadenced vibrator.

The device is also ideal for operations and support engineers to check GPS antenna installations.  CTL3500 can check roof-top installations for interference from other sources and adjacent GPS antennas and check that the GPS signal is being accidentally rebroadcasted from a poorly made or corroded cable, connector or antenna assembly.

Franck Boynton, Vice President and CTO of NavtechGPS said “I think the capabilities and potential uses of this small hand held interference and jamming detector are considerable, and we are pleased to be working with Chronos, experts in the field of GPS jamming detection, to introduce the CTL3500 to the U.S. market.”

Prof. Charles Curry, Managing Director and Founder of Chronos Technology said, “GPS jammers are being used by criminals in increasing numbers to defeat and cheat not only commercial on-board navigation and recovery systems but also law enforcement tracking systems; indeed, the UK police have made a successful seizure of a GPS jammer using the CTL3500.”