"I wanted to extend some further feedback regarding the Sync Masterclass course last week; to add to the form that I completed on conclusion of the course:

The office is excellent; in a modern age of offices in industrial estates it was really nice to attend an office with character.  While attending the course it seemed wrong to have my mobile phone on, I feel this was down to the ambience of the building.  This was really refreshing and was conducive to learning.
The best hospitality I have ever had at the course.  The food was outstanding and I may have had the best brownie ever on the second day.  It was great to get some time with Steve and Steve as well.  The dinner on Wednesday night was excellent and it was a really good way of getting to know everyone.
Schedule – The course schedule was stuck to, this was different as most course either ‘wing’ it or the schedule is loose.

Material – Excellent, the folder is due on my shelf and will be used in the not too distant future

Delivery – I think Chris managed to pitch this at the right level for everyone in the room.  Chris spoke with authority, knowledge and confidence on all subjects be those sync or telecoms based.  I think this may have been the most impressive thing on the course (and it is competing against a magnificent brownie).  I didn’t feel that any of the course was delivered in a way that was monotonous; there was a purpose to each slide.

The best course I have ever been on.  I stated that on my feedback form and I still feel the same.  It felt like an old fashioned training course; please don’t take that as negative.  In this modern age of being taught the bare minimum this course really went into a great deal of depth.  This depth and the hospitably were really truly refreshing.  It gave an impression of a company that works collaboratively with engineering at its heart, which isn’t easy to find these days. “

Jamie Laing

Solution Architect
Vodafone Business Platforms & Solutions