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Founded in 1986 by Professor Charles Curry, Chronos Technology Ltd is a leading international authority on resilient synchronisation and timing solutions including the use of Global Navigation Satellite Solutions (GNSS), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP). Chronos has over 30 years' experience of designing, implementing and supporting synchronisation infrastructures in Tier 1 Networks.  We provide solutions for the following sectors:

Chronos is a member of the ITU Standard Committee (ITU-T SG15/Q13) which sets the rulebook for timing in telecommunications networks. Professor Curry is the founder of the International Timing & Synchronisation Forum (ITSF) which is the largest annual conference focusing on time and timing technology.  Chronos is a member of the Steering Group ofITSF and a Steering Group member of the American Workshop on Synchronisation and Timing Systems (WSTS).  Chronos is also a member of the Royal Institute of Navigation (RIN), Institute of Navigation (ION) and the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Chronos is also a world leader in GPS jamming detection and location technology.  Solutions include CTL3510 handheld GPS Jamming Detector and CTL3520 handheld GPS Jamming Detector & Locator. These products are available through our website as well as GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo & Beidou) products including GNSS simulators, GPS receivers, GPS antennas, GPS Repeaters & infrastructure.


Our one abiding philosophy is that clients come first and we strive to always provide solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. Most of the UK's telecom wireline and wireless operators are our clients and we have been trading with some of these loyal clients since the early 1990s. This is a strong testament to our quality delivery. We always aim to:

  • Constantly strive for the highest standard of technical excellence
  • Deliver cost effective and fit-for-purpose solutions
  • Update our portfolio or services and products to embrace new technologies and address the changing needs of our customers

Strategic Partners

There is an increasing determination by buyers to downsize their preferred supplier list. Chronos is well established within the supply chain as a strategic supply and support partner to most of the UK's leading telecom operators and utility companies. In conjunction with our partners, we develop solutions, as new services or products are required.

For companies seeking to get their products accepted by these major clients, Chronos can act as a significant system integrator, channel partner and value-add reseller.

Core Skills

Chronos has a programme of continual skills development for all our staff. Our skills include:

  • Network synchronisation & timing solutions
  • Network & site monitoring
  • Industrial GNSS products, sub-systems and accessories
  • Turnkey installation services
  • 24x365 support services
  • Knowledge, training and consultancy