Accurate timing for the Smart Grid

Super-fast communication between power plants and sub-stations is a key requirement in today's Smart Grid. The ability to measure time in increments as small as a nanosecond is vital for efficient monitoring, phasor measurement, sampled value process bus, resiliency and control of power plants and sub-stations to maintain safety and ensure continuity of supply.

IEC 61850 plays an important part in establishing standards for the design of communication systems required for power plant automation. Communication between substations and equipment within substations requires that response times are in the order of 4 milliseconds and below for correct protective relay operation.  With the advent of Smart Grid and renewables, more accurate time-stamping, in the order of 1 microsecond (1 µs), is now required for advanced substation automation applications such as wide area phasor monitoring and sampled value process buses.

Chronos is an established provider of IRIG-B, NTP and IEEE 1588 PTP sync and timing solutions for power networks; providing the solutions and services to deliver sub-microsecond accuracy for power applications. Transferring our experience in telecommunications to the power sector, we bring timing solutions for power generation, transmission and distribution.

Maintain time within hundreds of nanoseconds of UTC despite being disconnected from both GPS and external power source.

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