TCG 01-G Tekron Timing Generator

Highly accurate, full featured GPS / GLONASS clock designed for smart grids and substations, electricity distribution, transmission, generation protection and control systems.

TCG 02-G : GNSS Timing Generator

Designed for smart grid / smart substations, electricity distribution, transmission and generation protection, TCG 02-G is a 1U GPS Grandmaster clock available as a base unit or with one of three expansion module options.

Miniature Clock - TTM 01-G

Tekron's TTM 01-G GPS / GLONASS clock outputs IRIG-B, NTP, IEEE 1588 v2 (PTP) and supports IEC 61850. A compact DIN rail device, the TTM 01-G synchronises IEDs.

NTS 02-G Multiport Network Time Server

A secure, accurate and reliable 3-port NTP time server for synchronising control and SCADA networks. In addition to electrical isolation and robustness, new features such as remote configuration, added security, and support for Ethernet networking, make the NTS 02-G ideal for use in power plants and substation environments.

NTS 03-G+ Multiport Network Time Server

A fully customizable satellite reference clock meeting the demanding precision and reliability requirements of the energy market.

Isolated Timing Repeater

A compact DIN rail mountable signal repeater that performs a number of tasks, including converting time sync signals, boosting signal strengths and converting one type of signal to another.

PTP Translator

Enabling migration to PTP without incurring the expense of replacing equipment that does not support PTP, this compact DIN-rail mounted device translates PTP (default, power and telecommunications profiles) to legacy time codes such as IRIG-B, DCF77 or user defined pulses.

IRIG-B Analyzer

IRIG-B Analyzer

Decodes and validates IRIG-B timing signals displaying the decoded IRIG-B information such as time, date, quality, control functions and extensions, binary seconds, waveforms RMS voltage.